Maldives comprehensive immunization System

1. Electronic Immunization Registry (EIR):

  • First successful DHIS2 tracker-based implementation in Maldives.
  • Customization to meet requirements of the immunization unit of the Ministry of Health.
  • Country-wide implementation achieved within months.
  • Captures comprehensive immunization data for newborns throughout their immunization cycle.
  • Engages in backlog clearance for a complete digital record of all children.
  • Manages immunization workflows, provides alerts, and supports necessary calculations.

2. Decision-making dashboards:

  • Configured to national, atoll, and health facility levels.
  • Supports monitoring, evaluation, and data usage.
  • Offers custom analytics and visualization for DHIS2 users.

3. Vaccine Preventable Disease surveillance:

  • DHIS2 tracker implementation for communicable diseases surveillance.
  • Configured with alerts and notifications for surveillance response.

4. Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) module:

  • Tracker-based component for detailed recording of adverse events.
  • Configured within the immunization tracker for ease of data capture

5. Integration of AEFI with global Vigiflow system:

  • Integrates DHIS2 based AEFI with Global Vigiflow for global adverse events reporting.
  • Includes a custom integration component.

6. Beneficiary portal:

  • Custom development for parents to access their child’s immunization information.
  • Verification through SMS and Email.
  • Generation of vaccination certificates for various purposes.

7. Microplanning & vaccine forecasting:

  • Assists the ministry in planning for vaccine requirements.
  • Establishes routines in immunization programs.