Electronic Reproductive Health Management Information System, Sri Lanka

Electronic Reproductive Health Management Information System (eRHMIS), which is a DHIS2 based Health Information Management System was developed and implemented to manage data from Reproductive, Maternal, New-born, Child, Adolescent and Youth Health (RMNCAYH) programmes in Sri Lanka since 2017. The system provides data access to regional, provincial and national level health authorities and allows flexible data analysis at each level.

RMNCAYH data capturing was implemented in several phases. The first phase which include implementation of capturing aggregated reproductive health data from the field and clinic activities in all Public Health Midwife (PHM) areas of the country was completed in year 2017. Since then seven main components are developed and implemented in the system at the national level.

eRHMIS captures nearly 1,860 data elements in 25 data sets from 38,194 organization units. Around 100,000 data values are currently being recorded per day and nearly 3,000 users are registered in the system. Nearly 600 Maternal and Child Health indicators are generated in the system.

In addition to main eRHMIS instance, eRHMIS2 was implanted to capture data from the health care institutions in the country. Scope of eRHMIS2 is to capture information on deliveries, maternal deaths and neonatal deaths from private and government hospitals. The system is currently implemented in main private hospitals in the Western Province. Plan is to expand to the private hospitals in other provinces and to the government hospitals.

eRHMIS has been recognized at several national and international competition. Following are some of its achievements.



Commonwealth Digital Health Award

Winner in Reproductive Health Category

Commonwealth Digital Health Award

Winner in Adolescence Health Category

BMJ Awards
South Asia

Nominated at BMJ Awards South Asia - 2017

e-Swabhimani Digital Social Impact Knowledge

Winner in Health and Wellbeing Category

World Summit Award 2019

Nominated for the World Summit Award 2019