Diabetes Compass

1. Coordination & Funding:

  • Coordinated by the Non-Communicable Diseases unit and Health Information Unit of
    the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka.
  • Funded by the World Diabetes Foundation.

2. Objective:

  • Design a platform for early detection and referral of persons with Diabetes and
  • Create a comprehensive digital information system for detection, decision support,
    provision of care, and broader planning of Diabetes and Non-Communicable diseases.

3. Incorporation of Digital Goods:

  • Utilizes digital public goods like DHIS2 and OpenSRP.
  • Integration with the National e-Health Registry and several existing electronic medical
    record systems.

4. Role of HISP Sri Lanka:

  • Serves as the principal technology partner for the project.
  • Designs and customizes DHIS2 and OpenSRP platforms.
  • Manages the FHIR environment during the project.
  • Integrates with FHIR and other EMR solutions.
  • Provides training and capacity building.
  • Collaborates with other implementing countries, including Tanzania and Malawi.

5. Contribution & Impact:

  • Serves as a proof of concept for implementing the proposed digital health blueprint of
    Sri Lanka
  • HISP Sri Lanka participates in regular connectathons by the Ministry of Health, aiding
    blueprint development.